Financial Information

Don't assume that you can't afford needed dental treatment. Jane and Melissa are highly trained to help make your dental care fit into your budget. Call them at (530) 885-3368 and ask what is possible for your situation.

If you have Dental Insurance Benefits, they can determine how those Benefits will help towards your dental treatment.  

If you do not have Benefits to help, sometimes payments can be spread out.  CareCredit is a program that allows dental expenses to be paid over up to 18 months with no interest (if total balance is paid off before due date).

Unless other arrangements are made, existing balances are expected to be paid at time of service.  We offer a 5% courtesy for balances that are paid on the day of service.

There will be a 1.5% per month (18% per annum) charge on balances that go beyond 30 days